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Canada Could Become Breeding Ground for TB and Epidemic

As mentioned by the PBS TV show, TB is making a comeback and there are signs that some are developing into multi-drug resistant strain. Canada is being accused of ignoring the increasing cases of TB at First Nation’s community, spending fewer dollars at home than abroad.

Last year, a Winnipeg Free Press series revealed certain Manitoba communities have some of the highest TB rates in the world — up to 100 times that of the Canadian average.
“There are a lot of things you could do, but there’s zero political will to do anything,” Hershfield said.
…medical leaders from all nations need to start pushing governments to examine the real reason TB still exists: poverty.

“Maybe all the effort in treating TB is not enough. Maybe we need to do something about social determinants (of health),” Dr. Anne Fanning, former Alberta TB-control director and World Health Organization medical officer, told a crowd of medical colleagues in Berlin. “We’ve accepted (disparities) but ceased to address them.” (Vancouver Sun)

Some first nation community have similar conditions to third world countries, with “homes rotten with black mould and with limited access to running water”. We ignore the problem in our own backyard at our own peril.



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