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Context Context Context

There are so much misinformation going around nowadays. Sometimes perpetuated by the supposed reputable media organizations. So there is a need for people to be critical of any news that they hear. We must do as much fact check as possible. But a quick question to ask, following a shocking news or a news that causes outraged against one individual or group, is – what was the full context of this? For example. if there is a quote being played on video that purportedly shows a politician saying something. Try to watch the full video and know the circumstances that lead to those words being said. Then see if that would change the interpretation of what was actually said.

Taking things out of context are increasingly being used as a political tactic here and in the United States. Being aware of this would ensure that your rights to truthful information is not violated.

Here is a funny example:

You can read the full context in the description of the video.


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