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Toronto Cop Charged with Assault on G20 Protester Adam Nobody

A Toronto Cop have been charged with assault on a G20 protester. Investigation was re-opened after new footage became available. Toronto Police Chief Tony Blair claimed the five officers were identified from Toronto Star’s photo. There was allegedly difficulty identifying the officer earlier because the recorded badge number of the arresting officer did not match with actual police badge numbers. Here’s a youtube video of the assault. A youtube video shot by bystander John Bridge was initially dismissed by the Toronto Police Chief as having been tampered with. He later retracted that comment. For full details about the latest assault charges, see this article from Nanaimo Daily News >> Toronto Cop Charged with Assaulting G20 Figure.

And why were the officers not wearing their badge? Will there be more officers charged or only that one officer, which according to the star have lifted his face shield?


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