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Blackberry Should Not Sacrifice E-mail Security

All this pressure being exerted on Blackberry to share their e-mail with various foreign government is unacceptable. Some of the government are repressive regime. All this excuses about fighting terrorism need to stop. They make it appears as if monitoring Blackberry’s private e-mails are critical to catching terrorist. I am sure terrorist are not that stupid. There are lots of other ways to communicate securely to prevent detection. Again, it is innocent civilians and possibly government critics from those repressive regime that are going to suffer not the law breakers.

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Overpriced Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy S Captivate

As much as I want to support Research in Motion (RIM), they are just way too overpriced. What Blackberry have going for them is secure network and more compressed data. However, they charge much more for a slower system. With new smartphone such as the one from Samsung (Galaxy Captivate S) hitting the shelves at much lower cost than Blackberry, it is hard to justify shelling out cash for Blackberry instead of the more powerful and advanced Smartphone.

Here is a hands-on of the new Samsung Galaxy S – Captivate. A good comparison between the new Samsung phone vs IPhone 4. Seems like Captivate is holding up pretty good against IPhone. But based on user accounts and review, Captivate still have lots of bugs that needs to be worked out.

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Blackberry Playbook + QNX = Winner

I knew Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM) was onto something when they bought the QNX software. QNX is an operating system designed not to go down. So it is used on cars and on critical instruments in the Nuclear Industry. It also handles resources efficiently. Now that Blackberry have announced their feature rich and powerful tablet called Playbook, they have shown the sensationalist media that they are still a serious contender. If they decide to support SD card expansion, then it will put them over the top of IPad. IPad was intentionally designed to have no expansion, inorder to force customers to buy the more expensive model if they want a bigger memory sized tablet. If Blackberry decide to have SD card support on their Playbook, they should go all the way and support SDXC – the next generation SD card that could have capacity up to 2TB and operates faster than current SDHC card.

The Blackberry Playbook will have 2 cameras, one facing the user and another facing the back. I will be surprised if it does not come with the bright LED flash, which should be standard by now. It will also have HDMI output so you can plug it and watch your HD video on your big screen HDTV.

It is just a matter of time before Blackberry Smartphone switches to QNX. I thought Torch and OS 6 is just a transition rushed out so that they have something close to IPhone and Android lines of smartphone while they develop their QNX smartphone.

CNET Q&A about Blackberry Playbook

Slideshow of Blackberry Playbook from PC World

More technical details from Fast Company

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