Better Government

This page list all my previous blog on system of Open Government – to promote a better government and an improved democracy. (Click on the link from each blog for more details).

The Three Pillars For A Better & More Democratic Government

I. Open Government of the People

II. Leadership of Equals

III. Well-Informed and Learned Voters

(Click here to go to previous blog with details for each of the three pillars)

Making Government Corrupt-proof – Every government action is justified and clearly laid out. Information on decision making is open and transparent. A built-in conflict of interest declaration. Streamlined recall process.

Preventing External Manipulation of Government – (e.g. special interest group, lobbyist, foreign government, under the table deals leading to possible corruptions or conflict of interest). Record of all dealings, meetings and discussion on government related business. Properly vetted confidentiality classification. Severe consequences and culpability.

A True Net Neutrality for the Advancement of Democracy – A look at why Net Neutrality is important for the advancement and preservation of democracy.

Social Engineering Threat – Your Personal & Financial Information; Voters Manipulation – include section on latest attempt to manipulate voters through social media.

Context Context Context – a learned voter should be able to pause, think and identify misinformation resulting from taking things out of context.

Transparent Accounting and Budgeting – adopt a standard transparent accounting system. No hidden deficit and manipulative accounting. The same elements for making government corrupt-proof applies here. Adopt the use of systematic decision tools. In addition to conflict of interest declaration, a list of group or sector who would benefit and those who would be disadvantaged should also be documented. Everything’s laid out clearly for scrutiny and public consultation.

Open Source Democracy / Voting – a possible tool for empowering voters, keeping them engaged and politicians accountable even after the election.

This page will continuously be updated with links to any of my new blogs that relates to the creation of a better government. Open government and some of the things mentioned here are not new concepts. I have created this as my contribution and compilation of specific ways for achieving an improved system of government for the information age. The technology is there and there is nothing radical about the solution except for those who want to keep government’s business behind closed door.

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