Egyptians Stormed Security Service, Posting Documents Online

Egyptians stormed their State Security Intelligence (SSI) and have started posting images of the documents online. Their security service Amn Dawla was responsible for countless atrocities and torture. Some of the people tortured under the U.S. rendition program were said to have been sent to Egypt’s SSI. A call went out via Facebook for the people to surround the SSI buildings throughout Egypt. This has lead to people actually storming the buildings and trying to uncover the documents themselves.

There is also a tweet about room with secret videos of Gulf Royal Personalities during their Egyptian’s summer escapade. Wikileaks also mentioned something about sex tapes. One picture shows an FBI logo on what appears to be a document cover.

Wikileaks is encouraging Egyptians not to throw away the shredded documents as they might be able to reconstruct them. People are refusing to leave the SSI office for fear that more documents will be shredded.

One of the document allegedly shows the tool used by SSI to hack into people’s Skype account. They claimed that the tool was from the German firm Gamma Group. Obviously I can’t verify the veracity of those claims.

Some youtube videos have also started to surface.

Along with pictures of the cells inside the SS.

Source: yasserseif @ yfrog

There is also pictures of files. Apparently each file is for one person.

Hope they don’t randomly post pictures of private individual’s files or videos online.

Global voices’ blog has links to several videos. They also mentioned a tweet claiming that one of the findings shows SSI’s involvement in the bombing of Two Saint’s Church.

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