Three Pillars For A Better & More Democratic Government

Government’s Business is People’s Business

The three pillars for a better and more democratic government are:

I. Open Government of the People

Government are NOT the boss. The people/voters are the boss and thus have the right to supervise and monitor government officials activities. Make open government an integral part of a modern democracy. Allow people to easily access government information with just a click of a button without having to ask and wait.

II. Leadership of Equals

A principle of round table leadership council of equals. One person is in charge. But the leader does not dictates. There is no dominating leader. A good leader harness the equally talented ideas from the people whose views are promulgated by their representatives. The representatives are the voices of the people in his riding/district, and NOT the voices of special interest group, campaign contributors, or their party whip. A rule by consensus through working cooperatively, instead of adopting a confrontational approach.

III. Well-Informed and Learned Voters

A well-informed voters can easily be achieved with an open government system where information are not needlessly concealed. A learned voters can be achieved through voters education. Educate voters to ensure they do not easily fall for tricks and dirty politics. Provide them with the ability to reject divisive and hate promoting tactics.

Voters should be educated (e.g. as part of the curriculum for senior secondary level) to promote independent thinkers able to independently verify facts. Able to think critically without being cynical. Avoid being enamored with a leader. This often lead to blindly taking a hardline stand and adjusting of their truth to defend their esteemed leader. A voter should be able to do away with bandwagon mentality.

The third pillar is crucial for a genuine democracy to succeed. There are enough lessons from history to learn from to prevent deceptive and manipulative tactics.

I have added a separate page / tab on top called “Better Government”. It contains compilation of previous blogs dealing with the topic of a better government for the information age. It provides some specific examples for promoting a better system.

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