Libyan Fought With Hands and Won Against Gadhafi’s Forces

CBC reported that Libyan in eastern area of the country have fought Gaddafi’s “elite troops” with bare hands until they managed to grab some looted weapon later. The dictator’s forces then use helicopter gun ship and bombing from the air to attack the rebels. But the rebels eventually won and drove out Gadhafi’s forces.Whole area is now safely in oppositions control.

Libya’s Interior Minister have resigned and told CNN about 300 bare hands protesters being killed in Benghazi, Libya’s second largest city. Soon after, Libya’s state TV reported that he have been kidnapped. The Guardian reported how the battle was won.

All day defecting troops and officers were lugging in thousands of pounds of ammunition to a courtyard inside the secret police headquarters on Bengazi’s waterfront. By the day’s end an arsenal that could easily supply an army brigade was piled up. There were plastic explosives, rockets, machine guns and even the anti-aircraft weapon that was used to mow down demonstrators as they assaulted the military base on Sunday.   ……

This was a savage rampage on both sides, a blood and guts revolution, fuelled by decades of repression, neglect and rage. There has been nothing peaceful about it. …

Gaddafi’s reported use of mercenaries appears to have tipped the hand of many protesters and armed forces. “That is why we turned against the government,” said air force major Rajib Feytouni. “That and the fact that there was an order to use planes to attack the people.”


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