What is a Pirate?

The above video is an unofficial video created in support of the Pirate Party of Canada. A new Federal Political Party registered with Election Canada. Quite a unique name for a political party with a unique perspective on improving democracy for the information age, through the use of Open Source philosophy to bring about an Open and Transparent Government.

We live at a time where government are increasingly intransigent and a CRTC who is trying to force UBB and false news law, with total disregards for strong objection voiced during public consultation. Pirate Party seeks to transform the way government businesses are conducted by putting accountability and transparency front and center. Thereby ensuring an enhanced democratic process.

Fight for a better government for the information age, for Net Neutrality, improve private citizen’s privacy, and a better copyright and patent law.

Check out Pirate Party of Canada website at www.pirateparty.ca

Video available in HD and also in mobile version (i.e. IPod and most Smartphones). Just add request to comment if interested.

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