Day 18 – 02/11/2011 – Egyptian’s Day

After 18 days of fighting a stubborn regime, Egyptians have successfuly overthrown their dictator. They withstand all sorts of tricks and violent provocation. But their wisdom & civility remain intact despite all odds and ridicule.  At the outset of the revolution, most media ignored them. But soon, their cries prove hard to ignore for conscientious people the world over.

If history do really repeat itself, then the road ahead might be fraught with danger. People or group with selfish interest will test the new government that will come out from this. But if the wisdom, courage and civility of the revolution is carried through, then all malicious act will suffer the same fate as Mubarak.

First, Tunisia, then Egypt.  More are sure to follow. For humanity demand compassion, justice and liberty as its natural rights.

But for tonight, the party is on in Egypt.

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