Bell Overestimated Customer’s Internet Usage Due to Software Bug

Bell customers complained that they have been charged more than their actual usage. They reported an overestimation of about 50-200%. This had led to Bell’s announcement that they have pulled the monitoring tools due to a software glitch. It should be Bell’s responsibility to make sure the software is working properly. Their spokesperson claimed that only 0.1 % of their customers were affected.

One customer said he had used no more than 150 MB on February 2 but Bell tracker reported his usage as 2.7 GB.

This is why I have suggested that user should monitor their usage to make sure what is reported by the ISP correlate with their actual usage. Although it should not be the customer’s responsibility to monitor their own traffic. Imagine a bank telling you that you have earned fewer interest due to software error and only took actions and informed other customers after their customers complained. See my previous related blog: Breaking the Net/Cell Carrier Duopoly, Plus Other Tips.

OK, for fans of Hitler meme on youtube. Here’s one about Canada’s UBB. 🙂



  1. #1 by E. on April 17, 2011 - 10:00 pm

    I’ve recently been a victim of Bell’s ‘metering glitch’. I noticed I had inflated internet meter readings and so I proceeded to physically disconnect my modem from the wall. Law and behold, the internet meter was continuing to to tick away with lots of data dwn/upload over many, many days!!! I called and dealt with so many technicians I was almost ready to call it quits. They finally admitted to ‘faulty system monitoring’ and they posted a temporary 4 day message on the Bell personal profile page saying that the internet metering system was being fixed. I contested my internet surcharge as well.

    Today the same problem is back and I am wondering if anyone else is going through these same issues. I would really love for someone to launch some kind of class-action lawsuit against them for this scandalous behavior. I realize that proving this can be difficult – I still have a series of tests to do to make sure by b1 I.D. number hasn’t been compromised and I have to get an independent data counter verification system in place to back up my claim.

    I strongly believe that if you let this kind of bullying go without a fight, their hold on consumers will only get stronger.


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