Egypt Day 15 Recap – Protest Surged and Spread to Parliament Building

A recap of today’s event in Egypt. As predicted on this blog yesterday, the Ghonim interview have resulted in a huge surge in the number of protesters. Tahrir square was very packed today and the turn out was said to be the largest since the revolution started on January 25.  The Nile bridge was said to be packed with people trying to get into Tahrir. Wael Ghonim made his appearance on Tahrir today. Academics from University, lawyers and newspaper workers have openly came out in support of the protesters. Lots of new faces and first timers have also joined the protest.

The protest have spread to the front of the Parliament building where some people are planning a sleepover. There were talks of organizing a protest in front of the State TV. However, there were checkpoints and blockades setup along the way to prevent people from getting there.

The planned Suez Canal strike talked about yesterday also materializes but only subsidiary of companies were affected and there were no effects on navigation through the Suez Canal at this point.

The spirit of the protesters were re-invigorated just as government seems to be gaining confidence that they could sit this out. Pundits were also talking about fear that the protesters might be losing momentum. The government also started talking to Muslim Brotherhood, who were not the driving force. Today’s protest surge gave the momentum back to the original organizer of the protest, who are now rallying behind Wael Ghonim.

White House have added a call for Egypt to lift their emergency rule in a sign that the record breaking crowd today might have shaken U.S. official. Soleiman, the successor favored by U.S. and Israel also offered concession announcing they have a timetable for transition.

More stories of abuses surfaces including L.A. Times accounts of the torture suffered by a young lawyer by the name of Mohamed Badr . He was part of the protesters who were arrested and tortured.

Large protest were also reported in Alexandria and other parts of Egypt. Marches are being planned to go to Presidential Palace tomorrow. The atmosphere at Tahrir was festive and protester’s spirit were high.

Video from Parliament where a banner was placed on the gate that says “Closed for business until Mubarak steps down”

A group of convoy quietly bring blanket to protestors in the newly established protest site in front of Parliament building.

UK’s Channel 4 News Coverage of today’s event

I would like to thank the Egyptians at Twitter’s #Jan25 for providing play by play of the events at Egypt as it unfolds.



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