Mubarak Resort to Nazi’s Scare Tactics; U.S. Tout Soleiman for Egypt

Mubarak is employing Nazi Germany’s scare tactic of xenophobia and paranoia to turn people against each other. State TV have been said to be spreading lies that protesters consist of foreign infiltrators. And people joining protest are either foreign spies or being used.This has resulted in people, foreigners and journalist getting arrested, attacked, mobbed and killed.

I know there is an outcry every time comparison to Nazi is used. But it is fair to use the Nazi comparison here since it is used to point out why this practice is evil (and Nazi serves as a perfect breathing and real life example). This does not make light of what Nazism did. Instead it serves as a reminder lest we let our guard down by supporting a dictator that won’t blink an eye to kill and oppress his people to stay in power.

A journalist has died as a result of this tactics. Some people are still missing.

U.S. government is not inexperienced when it comes to revolution and supporting one. So I am dumbfounded that they think a revolution can happen by having an official from the regime being overthrown lead the change. Clinton announced support for VP Soleiman to lead the change. They just seem to be repeating Mubarak’s line of the need to stay longer else there will be chaos. Other revolution did well with a transition government free from officials of the regime being overthrown. Despite the fear mongering by FoxNews and other questionable so called news establishement, the spirit at Tahrir shows people from different walks of life and religion all getting along. Here are some tweet criticizing BBC and U.S. government line of letting Mubarak/Soleiman control the transition of power.

Tom_El_Rumi Tom Trewinnard

This is really pissing me off now. Why is the BBC asking every Egyptian they speak to why they can’t “just wait a few months”? #jan25

mbatlin mbatlin
@monaeltahawy: we must prevent suleiman becoming prez in US deal. He’s involved in torture and crackdowns. #1 thug. #Egypt #Tahrir #Jan25

Here are videos that caught some of these foreign infiltrators. Be careful out there. 😉

There’s no shortage of humour despite the violence the protesters have to endure. Here are some taken from twitter:

ibrahimelshamy Ibrahim Elshamy
Tahrir chants de jour: “Condoleezza, Condoleezza, go get Mubarak a visa” / “Hillary, Hillary, take Mubarak to the distillery” #Egypt #Jan25
weddady weddady
RT @gamaleid Khamenei calls for an Islamic regime in #Egypt, we say get lost we’re making a democracy in #Egypt #Jan25 #Iranelection
mohamedahmos Mohamed Ahmos ✔
FREEDOM LOADING ███████████████████░ 99% [ Error : Please remove Mubarak and try again ! ] #Jan25 #Egypt #Mubarak #Tahrir

Here is a breaking news from Onion News Network (ONN) – U.S. Negotiating Mubarak’s Severance Package. (h/t Rahul Varshney)

More photos and videos from Egypt at:

and Guardian

Sight and sounds from Egypt:

New York Times Photo Gallery

RIP to those who died fighting for their freedom:

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