Day of Sniper Fire and Unprecented & Coordinated Assault on Journalist

The day has broken at Cairo in a day being dubbed as “Day of Departure” (for Mubarak).  Will the 11th day of protest be the end of  Mubarak and a new beginning for Egypt? The 10th day have been another violent day with sniper shots fired at protester and a coordinated assault on Journalist. Mubarak’s man charged into hotel arresting and questioning media. Familiar names in journalism have gone missing, been assaulted, interrogated, and/or have their equipment taken away. Canadian Globe and Mail reporter was detained for three hours. Bloggers have also been hunted down and beaten including sandmonkey.

Lots of misinformation from the government using State TV to sow fear of foreign spies. This has lead to foreigners being mobbed and attacked.

Committee to Protect Journalist list the various atrocities committed against the journalist in Egypt.

Pro-democracy protesters successfully hold onto their position and have taken over Oct 6 bridge previously held by Mubarak’s forces – to hurl molotov cocktail down at the makeshift barrier of pro-democracy forces. Lots of people suffers head injuries, which lead people to create customized head protection gear.

(image taken from Al Jazeera English Flickr Photostream)

(image taken from

Nicholas Kristof of New York Time interviewed an 80 year old woman advocate. She stayed at Tahrir square inspite of the ongoing violence there. The heavy woman presence among protesters belie the claim being made by FoxNews that Islamist fundamentalist will be taking over.

Anxiety and determination among pro-democracy demonstrators fearing a bloodbath. One of the tweet from #Jan25:

BloggerSeif Ali Seif

I want to say, looking around from the window, i have a very terrible feeling about today. I had this feeling before clashes.

There is a rumour that U.S. is arranging for Mubarak to step down and will have VP Soleiman take over as interim.  Sentiments on tweet seems to suggest this won’t be accepted by the pro-democracy forces.

However, CNN quoted a U.S. official as saying:

“It’s simply wrong to report that there’s a single U.S. plan that’s being negotiated with the Egyptians,” the official said.

It was a quiet night as people rest up for the big day today and Mubarak forces seems to have retreated for now. Mubarak’s man have used all sort of violence to try to disperse the protesters. This latest attempt seems to have failed but people remain fearful of being attacked while making their way to Tahrir square which one tweet claim is the safest place in Egypt right now (once you make it there).

Viral video of the day:

WARNING: Graphic video of people being run down by Police Van.

Spreadsheet of some of the people who were killed: People Killed in Egypt @ Google Online Spreadsheet


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