National Post Still Harping Lies For Hated & Unfair UBB

After Harper announced the CRTC usage based ruling will be reversed, National Post published an unprofessional article comparing Canada to two other country with as crappy internet bandwidth and prices as Canada. And the article betrayed any sense of professional journalism when the reporter use the term “lefties” to refer to people opposing the overly restrictive usage based billing. I can tell you Mr. Terence Corcoran that those who are outraged with this government’s attempt to introduce unfair UBB comprises of people from different background including those who normally does not get involve with politics. Maybe you can also talk about the other CRTC ruling which relaxed the restriction against reporting false news and misleading information. Exactly which broadcaster and media is CRTC helping by allowing false and misleading news to grace our airwaves?

Trying to dismiss 300,000 signatory as lefties and ridiculing them is tabloid journalism and comment worthy of kindergarten schoolyard bully. Do some research instead of just referencing study commissioned by the CRTC. CRTC have been shown to release inaccurate information that were later disproven by Harvard and OECD studies.


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