Mubarak’s Man Open Fire At Protester

Eye witness accounts and media report talks about Mubarak’s man opening fire at protester. At least 5 people killed by live bullets. Not counting deads and hundreds of injured during the day. It’s been a crazy day with Mubarak’s man attacking using camel and horses. Instead of scaring protesters away, they just became more determined. Crowds includes women and children. Some crying as they relate what they have witnessed to Al Jazeera. Still they are determined not to leave. Some talks about their realization that they might die but remain steadfast manning barricade. Mubarak’s man is also said to be angry at media and is hunting down Al Jazeera’s reporter. CNN Anderson Cooper have also been harassed as well as CBC’s reporter.

The attackers continue to be bused in and some claim they were being offered $100-$200 bucks to join in attacking the protesters. The attackers were said to be police officers since they have tear gas and rubber bullets. There is also cars dropping off and replenishing supplies of molotov cocktails for Mubarak’s man.

Soldier who used to breakup clashes just stood by and watched as Mubarak’s man attacked the protesters. Some soldiers even pulled back as Mubarak man attack. One tweet also claim soldier won’t let them go to Tahrir but are letting armed Mubarak’s man pass. One soldier cried as he feel helpless for not being allowed to stop the attack on civilians.

The protesters determination and bravery are amazing. Even after machine gun fire were heard and five people died, nobody ran away. People continue to chant.

Anger towards U.S. seems to be growing as violence escalate. One user tweet saying: “To Hillary Clinton: The “violence” in #Egypt isn’t a “shocking development.” It is a massacre backed by you and your Zionist cohorts. Looks like the uglier it gets, the more damage it will be to Egyptians people’s view of U.S. It might reverberate for a long time just as Rwanda still haunts us to this day.

Another tweet from Mohamed ElGohary says: “Egypt death toll now tops toll for Iran protests, which US and West widely condemned as an atrocity.”.

(Source: Sarah Carr @ Flickr)

Pictures of Christians Surrounding and Protecting Muslims As They Prayed

A live broadcast from a protester’s cellphone


Most of the account above are based on Tweet throughout the day and eye witness account as was related to the media.


Soldiers are said to look anxious and have started detaining people.


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