D-Day for Egypt

Tomorrow could become a day that will forever be in Egypt’s history book. With a goal of a million people making their way to the Presidential Palace, people will likely push their way into the palace unless Mubarak step down. If there are indeed a million people there, no forces will be able to stop the advance toward the palace. Currently, the government is said to have stopped trains and blocked highways in an attempt to stop people from flowing into Cairo.

People are unlikely to be satisfied with the newly appointed Vice President Suleiman (aka Soliman) taking over. Egyptian’s tweet claim Suleiman is in charge of torture in Egypt. Amnesty International claim that:

Suleiman was the Egyptian conduit for the US extraordinary rendition flights closely linked to torture. Many of those flights took off from an airport in Johnston County, NC (Huffington Post Jan 31, 2011)

Israel have thrown their support behind Mubarak, asking U.S. and Europe to tone down their criticism of Mubarak and warning that Egypt could become like Iran. Egyptians revolution are led by youth not aligned with religious organization or political parties. It is unthinkable that the youth who now feel empowered would standby and allow religious fundamentalist to take over power and take their country backwards.

Wikileaks cable released show that as far back as 2005, Suleiman was already considered a likely successor to Mubarak.

Kudos to Google for launching speak-to-tweet. Allowing Egyptians to tweet by phone.  (Speak2Tweet)

A human rights activist interviewed by Al Jazeera claim that Tahrir Square have never been this clean. She complimented people volunteering and cleaning up the square.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent Dan Nolan have been released but his camera, laptop and phone have been sequestered.  (Dan Nolan Tweet)

Egypt’s last internet service provider Noor Group have now been shutdown. Land line might be the only form of communication tomorrow. Cellphone is also going to be shutdown before tomorrow’s march. Leah McElrath from Cairo tweet that only DNS services are being taken down. So people can still tweet through IP address

Youtube seems to be slow tonight.

(source: Selintellect)

More protest pics here >> The Egypt Protest


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