CRTC to Media: It is OK to Lie and Mislead

I wish that title is not true or is just an exaggeration. But it is not. CRTC have changed the law prohibiting false and misleading news by adding the phrase

that endangers or is likely to endanger the lives, health or safety of the public.

With that phrase added in, that means it is now OK to publish or broadcast false and misleading news as long as nobody gets injured. So false advertising that would make you lose money are OK since it won’t endanger lives, health or safety. This head scratching move come after CRTC allows major carrier to start charging $2/GB. Bell and Rogers are the main beneficiary of this move since they control the internet backbone. Bell also owns CTV. With the election looming, CRTC’s consent for the broadcasting of false and misleading news would be a big disservice to the voter.

My previous blog related to this subject:

Canadian Inundate Internet to Express Anger at CRTC’s Ruling


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