This Revolution Will Not Be Televised; Video of Man Shot in Egypt

Associated Press have released a video of a man who was shot while moving away. [see video >>here<<]

Internet and phone lines have reportedly been blocked. One blog shows graph that illustrate the simultaneous withdrawal of all routes to Egyptian networks. People are resorting to Ham radio to organize. One poster at Twitter pointed out that aside from Truck, Yacht and Boat also have Ham radio. The radio waves in Egypt are said to be packed right now. Based on Tweet accounts of the current situation, people are fearful that government is going to crack down violently tomorrow.  There’s unconfirmed (Tweeted) report of police setting car on fire. Also pouring petrol on planned rally sites. There’s fear that the government is going to instigate violence to justify cracking down by force.

Wikileak announced that they will soon post several cables from Egypt.

Huffington Post reporting that “protesters” in mask are firebombing police station. When people are in mask it’s hard to know if they are real protester or instigator. Even in Quebec Summit of Americas, police were accused of being instigators. They were caught dressed as Anarchist with rock in their hands. This might turn out to be a violent day in Egypt. That is unfortunate. Hopefully there will be large enough number of people to overcome the thugs. And hopefully protesters will be unfazed.

U.S. Vice President meanwhile told PBS that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is not a dictator and should not step down.

Al Jazeera was criticized earlier for not reporting on Egypt. I am not sure about the Arabic version of Al Jazeera, but the English version of Al Jazeera seems to be running as if it is business as usual and there is no revolution going on. For a network known for provocative reporting, they seem pretty tame this time with just a few seconds or a minute mention of Egypt’s protest. Al Jazeera is funded by Qatari government. Which could lead some to question whether Qatar is fearful that other Arabs, including those in Qatar, will be inspired to revolt if they see what is happening in Egypt. Egyptian television is said to be showing cartoon shows and is not reporting about the protest (no surprise there).

You can follow the development through Twitter’s hashtag #Jan25

Guardian is also providing latest update. [Protests in Egypt and unrest in Middle East – as it happened]

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