Harper’s Reinvigorating Ill-Fated Party Funding Cut Might Be a Sign of Election Readiness

This news about Harper not backing down (in getting rid of financing for political parties) might be a sign that he is ready for an election. Harper’s last attempt to end state funding for political parties in 2008 had lead to the opposition uniting, and his government nearly fell. The opposition party, who were having difficulty raising funds in sharp contrast to the Conservative, saw that as a serious threat. Harper ended up backtracking to save his government. Pundits claimed he might have underestimated the opposition at that time. Harper’s government have just been re-elected for 6 weeks and almost became the shortest government in Canada’s history.

So Harper’s re-introduction of that proposal, and taking a hard stand, could indicate he does not mind having an election soon.


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  1. #1 by BlackRedVixen on January 14, 2011 - 9:11 am

    You ain’t heard nothing yet. It gets more diabolical. Have you read yesterday’s column from Gerry Nicholls? Given that Nicholls was a colleague of Harper’s from the NCC days and still very much a Conservative every which way, I don’t see what he would’ve had to gain by lying in yesterday’s column.


    Then those per vote subsidies; it’s all coming together now, how he keeps playing that broken coalition record; perhaps he’s trying to throw all the opposition parties together before the election?

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