Wikileak Cable Lead To Defeat of MPAA/US Drafted Spanish Bill

Spain have voted down part of the controversial copyright law drafted by the U.S. (with instruction from U.S. industry lobbyist, as leaked cables from Wikileak have shown). The new law would have allowed government and ISP’s to selectively block Internet content, allowing censorship of traffic on the Internet. The law was close to being passed until Wikileak cables revealed that U.S. threat of trade sanctions have forced Spain’s lawmakers to give in. The revelation made it difficult for the lawmakers to support the bill now since they will be seen as compromising Spain’s sovereignty and democracy. Also removed was the three strike law that would have penalized an individual by revoking their Internet access.

The bill still have portion that calls for ISP to hand out user information without court order. This apparently is still being pushed through.

Still, the war over the Sinde Act is not over. As we reported last year, there are other controversial aspects of the law including mandating ISPs to divulge customer information without a court order among other things. (Zeropaid News/Blog)

Other cable leaks shows U.S. interference in Spanish judicial system.

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