Pirate Party Candidate for Winnipeg North By-Election Impresses Crowd

Pirate Party of Canada Candidate Jeff Coleman of Winnipeg North did pretty good in a forum that included the two main party Candidate – the Two Kevin from Liberal and NDP. Jeff promised an open channel of communication with his constituency. Reactions from the crowd were quite positive with people approaching him during break time, and at the end of the session.

One of the moment that solicited some chuckle from the crowd was when Green Party candidate admitted that he is not going to win. Jeff response was:

“Two years ago my political party didn’t exist; today we have over 2,000 members. When people stand up, they produce change. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to consider the outcome of democracy a foregone conclusion”.

Another light hearted moment was when Green candidate, responding to question about the drug problem, replied: “Depends on what drugs?” because they support legalizing marijuana.

Overall the forum was very civilized and Liberal candidate managed to poke fun at the absent Conservative candidate by directing his question to her. The crowd then broke out in laughter.

I just have something to say to people who say that if they were not voting for their party then they would vote for Jeff. I think people should forget about party and political personality. Jeff gave the best answer on all issues. He gave thoughtful response and impressed people across party lines. Judging by online forum like these two links from the Winnipeg Free Press, Jeff deserve the people’s vote. For how can we bring on change if we don’t give other promising guys with fresh ideas a chance.

Wpg Free Press: 200 attend byelection forum for Winnipeg North, Conservative candidate a no-show

Wpg Free Press: Candidates’ forum draws throng, Conservative Javier unexplained no-show

Here’s hoping Pirate Party do well in Winnipeg and carry the momentum to the next Federal election. Because the tired old divisive politics of constant bickering has to end and we need to send a message to the politicians that it is about time they consult their constituents more than their party whip. We want someone who proposes a constant open channel of communication both online and offline, and who go door to door listening intently and patiently to people’s grievances and gathering feedback. Someone who promised to make government open and transparent not only as a cliche slogan but through real action with the use of internet and modern technology.

You can check out videos of Jeff response at his youtube channel. The link is also available from his tweeter and facebook account.





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